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Exago BI Integration




Good integration is invisible.

We want a seamless experience for your users as much as you do, which is why we offer an open API, fully configurable CSS, single sign-on authorization, and programmatic extension points. Stealth mode is our only mode.

Open API

Open API.

Applications written for .NET can access every line of our open .NET API, allowing for unmatched control over the application. Non-.NET shops typically opt for our REST web service API instead, though SOAP is also supported.

High-performance embedding.

Our Javascript API makes it possible to embed Exago BI multiple times on a single page without initializing more than one browser session, broadening your embedding options without risk to performance.

High Performance Embedding
White Label User Interface

White label user interface.

Adjust our CSS to your specifications. Swap out icons. Localize the UI, reports, and data elements to appear in Japanese—whatever you need to do to make your users feel at home.

Multi-tier security.

Exago BI sits behind your authentication layer and authorizes data access at the database, object, and row levels. This means users sign in just once and only see the data they should.

Multi-Tier Security image
Distributed Architecture

Distributed architecture.

Our remote execution engine allows for high availability and scaling as your customer base expands and begins to require additional processing resources.

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