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Ad Hoc Reporting

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Data Visualization

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Special Features

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Pixel-perfect templates

Exago automates the process of merging data onto highly formatted PDF, RTF and Excel templates like W-9 forms and invoices.

Automated Report Scheduler

Reports can be scheduled for automatic emailing or archiving. All parameters such as time periods, recurrence and recipients can be set in the Report Scheduler.

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User-defined formulas

Users can key their own formulas directly into cells or choose from the comprehensive set of pre-defined functions available in the Formula Editor. New functions can also be created and included in the Formula Editor menu.

Multi-language and localization support

All language elements within the Exago application can be translated into any language including those with foreign characters. A different language can be displayed for each end user. Date, time and currency can be localized as well.

Exago Multi-language Dashboard
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Mobile device support

100% browser-based support for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices

PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, CSV report output

To execute a report users simply select the desired format from a dropdown menu. HTML reports can be searched and navigated within the Exago HTML viewer.


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The presentation lasts 1 to 1.5 hours and provides an in-depth look at both the end user experience and the underlying technology of Exago.

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