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Business Intelligence Dashboarding Software

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Let your clients tell their data stories in style.

With fully responsive design and interactive display, Exago BI dashboards facilitate data-driven decision-making on the factory floor, in the boardroom, and beyond. 

Mix and Match Dashboards

Mix and match, or build from scratch.

Your users can easily build dashboards by dragging reports and visualizations from their report libraries onto the canvas. Or, if the report element they need doesn’t exist yet, they can create it right there in the dashboard designer. 

Responsive design.

Dashboards resize to fit any screen. Users have control over how images, such as photos and logos, display on different devices.

Responsive Dashboards
Interactive Display

Interactive display.

Dashboard viewers can drill into charts, link to related reports, adjust filter settings, resort data values, change chart types, and refresh report elements all from the dashboard display screen.

Sophisticated styling.

The UI makes it easy to apply format settings to the entire dashboard or override those settings on a tile-by-tile basis. Snap-to-grid functionality keeps report elements looking proportioned and sharp.

Performance DB
Geographical Maps

Geographical maps

A map Wizard makes it easy for end users to visualize their data in five dimensions on geographical maps.

Embedded web pages.

Embedding a fully navigable web page in a dashboard is as simple for users as entering the URL. 

Embedded Website

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