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Training for Exago

Sessions are designed to maximize the benefits of Exago for our clients and their customers.

Exago BI Support Labs

Explore real-world reporting challanges and solutions during the Exago BI Support Lab.

Organizers will walk atendees thorough client-submitted use cases and how those cases were solved using the application and we encourage you to submit your own topics for discussion.

Quarterly Basic Group Training

Join us for our Basic End User group training.
This training will help to build the foundation of your understanding of Exago.

Topics will include:

  • Building your first report
  • Understanding grouping logic
  • How filters can affect your report output
  • and much more

    This training for those who wish to gain a basic, high-level understanding of the product.


For more detailed agendas and registration information email

Standard and Customized Training

Our support staff will work closely with you to plan a program that covers the areas of concentration most relevant to your audience. Standard Training is conducted using the NorthWinds Sample Database. Customized Training is conducted using client data set and sample reports

Standard and Advanced Training Include:

  • Live web sessions
  • Up to 100 attendees
  • Copy of recorded sessions

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