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Exago BI Library

Data sheets, downloadables, and other helpful files.

Product Data Sheet

Product data 300X300

Technology Data Sheet

Tech data 300X300

Application Architecture Diagram

Architecture 300X300

There's Embedded, and Then There's "Embedded"

Theres Embedded 300X300

Nucleus Research ROI Case Study

Nucleus Report 300X300

The Comprehensive Guide to Ad Hoc Reporting for SaaS

Ad Hoc Reporting for SaaS Guide

The Dashboard Design Handbook for SaaS Companies

Dashboard Design Handbook cover

The Little Book of Calculations

Little Book of Calculations 300X300

Best Practices for Performance and Scaling

Performance Scaling 300X300

An Introduction to ETL Data Transformations

ETL Data Transformation Guide cover

Dashboard Design Cheat Sheet

DD Cheat Sheet 300X300

Supported Application Environments

Tech Environment 300X300

Report Design Cheat Sheet

Report Cheat Sheet 300X300

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