Softerware Saves Hundreds of Hours of Developer Time by Embedding Exago BI in their DonorPerfect Platform


About SofterWare

Over 34 years, SofterWare has grown from a small entrepreneurial business to a $35 million+ company with over 10,000 nonprofit, childcare, camp, school, and payment processing clients. They credit their longevity and success to their team's dedication to providing complete customer satisfaction through outstanding products and services.

Softerware's DonorPerfect Fundraising Software takes the hassle out of time-stealing administrative tasks, so nonprofits can focus on furthering their missions and raising more funds. Offering flexible, integrated solutions tailored to nonprofits’ needs, Softerware creates software that simplifies the way nonprofits manage constituent data and fundraise.


"DonorPerfect’s powerful suite of tools features extensive layers of user-definable security and client customizations. We needed to offer an embedded reporting solution that tightly integrated at nearly every level, yet offer seamless, easy-to-use functionality for dashboards and self-service reporting. Exago was the only product we found that met our challenge at every turn."   

                                                                                                                                — Tom Gimpel, Vice President - Product Development and Delivery



   save developer time Embedding Exago BI saved hundreds of hours of Developer and QA time versus building a custom solution

Exago BI maintained thousands of Softerware's existing user-defined reports without modification



Softerware wanted to offer easy-to-use self-service reporting, scheduling, and dashboards to their DonorPerfect users, but whichever embedded BI solution they found also needed to be able to do two things: 

  • Intercept and modify report SQL calls in real time due to extensive user-level security filtering 
  • Support on-the-fly migration of thousands of existing reports.

Exago BI provided the robustness and flexibility they needed to help them realize their vision.


Exago BI’s flexibility provided the Softerware team extensive control over both design and runtime UI elements. It was the only embedded solution they found that let them fully implement their security model and allowed their users access to thousands of existing SQL filters they had already created. The report data model allowed the Softerware team to auto-generate existing reports from a legacy custom report writer and access them via flexible dashboarding and scheduling. Exago BI is also supremely scalable thanks to its high performance remote execution architecture.


Embedding Exago BI saved Softerware Developers and QA Engineers hundreds of hours of time and effort versus building their own custom solution in-house, which freed them up to focus on crafting a secure and scalable integration. 

Overall, Exago BI has also provided a seamless end-user experience that allows Softerware's DonorPerfect end users to customize and control dashboards for themselves and their organizations.


Softerware's Exago BI MVPs: Security, Flexibility, Remote Execution