WorkWave Empowers End Users of their PestPac Software with Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting 

About PestPac

PestPac™ by WorkWave is the market-leading software solution for Pest Management Professionals.  Its full suite of robust features and functionality, tailored to the pest management industry and its mobile workforce, facilitate the growth and profitability of their customers. Learn more about PestPac.


“Our customers find new uses for Exago BI every day.”

             — Jason Kochel, Chief Solutions Architect



self-service reporting and analytics Exago BI satisfied Pestpac customers' #1 request for self-service ad hoc reporting

save developer time Exago BI’s reporting capabilities saved developer time by simplifying the embedded report-building process



WorkWave’s Pestpac customers’ #1 request was to be able to write their own reports within their browser-based application. They needed to enable ad-hoc querying without allowing direct access to the cloud-hosted data. The solution had to be easy enough for non-technical end-users to use but powerful enough to satisfy business analysts.


WorkWave turned to Exago for a solution that is:

    • Intuitive but powerful, with a report designer familiar to anyone who uses Excel.
    • Fully browser-based, ideal for cloud-hosted software.
    • Easily integrated into their application via a well-designed API in a familiar programming language.
    • Easy to add new data tables and fields to as users request them.
    • Compatible with the existing user permissions system.


After embedding Exago BI, PestPac users and staff had to rethink what was possible in the application. 

Exago BI’s unrivaled reporting capabilities have saved WorkWave developers time and effort when creating embedded reports and have empowered PestPac users to be self-sufficient rather than paying for professional services.

The integration has even enabled end users to schedule and email reports, which is a feature Pestpac never had before!

WorkWave's Exago BI MVPs: Ad Hoc Reporting, Report Scheduler