HRWARE Technology Solutions


HRWARE delivers innovative technology solutions to simplify day-to-day HR management.

We take away the pain of boring, redundant and unproductive HR administrative work, optimizing the use of technology to automate processes and create workflows, saving you time to focus on more demanding HR initiatives.

Aperio, a cloud-based Human Resource Management System is a truly KICKASS HR Solution that makes managing people both easy and effective. Being in the HR tech space and led by some of the most inspired HR leaders for over 20 years, we understand the present and future needs of HR technology. Only Aperio offers FLEX ify, a unique feature that provides growing businesses the freedom to configure the solution

“HRWARE was looking for a 3rd party report writing tool to offer to its clients. We needed a powerful yet easy to use report writer for HR professionals. Exago has proven to be just the right fit for us.”

Kathy Tuitt, President


  • Wanted to offer a powerful yet easy to use report writer that non- technical HR professionals can use across multiple HCM applications.
  • Offer design flexibility and powerful graphical presentation of data.
  • Automate the report generation and distribution process.


  • Customizable UI, Interactive Dashboards, Easy merger of data into pre-defined PDF, Word, and Excel templates.
  • Multiple Charts and Graphing with Drill Down capability.
  • Exago offers Report Scheduling.


  • HR professionals are able to generate powerful reporting without the help of IT for the most part.
  • Users have a complete overview of important data in a more interactive form.
  • HR users are able to generate and deliver reports in multiple formats easily, previously done manually.