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DLGL specializes in the conception, implementation and support of VIP, their integrated Human Resources, Payroll, Workforce Scheduling, Pension, Talent Management, Learning Management, Employee & Manager Self-Service and Business Intelligence Portal HRMS application. Learn more about DLGL.



“Our goal was to provide users of our VIP HRMS application with an easy to use report writer. With Exago BI, we’ve accomplished this and so much more.”

— Brian Stuart, Director Client ROI


data tablesDLGL uses Exago BI to grant end users access to their store of over 1500 tables 

data modelsExago BI has helped DLGL make their expansive data model easy for end users to understand and report on


A veritable gold mine of information, the DLGL VIP application is data rich by design. It stores a lot of employee information, both current and historical, on a very broad range of subjects, in over 1500 tables. DLGL’s challenge was in providing their users the ability to easily mine the data and produce reports without being database or report writing gurus.



DLGL selected Exago BI because it met their primary purpose of presenting their expansive data model in a consolidated, easy-to-use, and understandable manner, which is key for effective reporting. Exago BI’s ExpressView feature enables any casual user to “extract Gold” with just a few clicks of the mouse. It was exactly what DLGL wanted for their clients: a simple, easy to use report writer!



Not only did Exago BI meet DLGL’s goal of providing an easy-to-use report writer in their VIP application, but with all of its other extensive features, they now provide their clients with a full Business Intelligence Portal called My BI.

My BI allows DLGL to deliver comprehensive dashboards, metrics and KPIs directly to user desktops, laptops, notepads, phones, and other mobile devices. It also allows their clients to build their own dashboards. With Exago BI, “gold mining” has become wonderfully simple!


DLGL's Exago BI MVPs: Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards


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