The How and Why of Ad Hoc BI

Mar 26, 2018

Data Talks is Exago's podcast on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, Bryce Lee, Director of Product Management at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS or Sisware), and Marc Jorrens, Founder and Solutions Architect with Outbound Software, talk about why they chose to invest in embedded ad hoc business intelligence software and what impact that has had on their end users.




Segment 1: The Power of Ad Hoc

(2:40) Why ad hoc reporting became an important BI requirement in Bryce and Marc’s BI search.

(7:15) Percentage of users who employ ad hoc reporting.

(9:10) The difference between data explorers and data consumers. Whether Bryce and Marc are actively trying to shift that ratio among their users.

(13:15) Methods and challenges of training users in ad hoc BI.

(28:00) What unforeseen questions clients are using ad hoc BI to answer.

(35:30) On tailoring and maintaining the individual user’s experience.

Segment 2: Embedded BI Purchasing Advice

(41:48) Marc’s advice

(44:54) Bryce’s advice

Segment 3: What We Are Nerding Out About This Week

(47:50) Marc: centralization and report sharing!

(52:50) Bryce: predictive analytics!


A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics” from The Eckerson Group

Business Application Research Center’s (BARC) BI Survey


Featured Guests


Bryce Lee is Direct of Product Management at Strategic Insurance Software, makers of the Partner XE agency management system. Partner XE serves Independent Insurance agencies across the U.S. by helping them manage their daily flow of information from insurance carrier to agency. Bryce oversees the changes and enhancements made to the application, including third party integrations.


Marc Jorrens is Founder and Solutions Architect of Outbound Software, a web solutions company focused on the needs of the attractions industry. He has focused on serving small businesses through software development since 1990 and currently helps support operations in museums, zoos, water parks, and tour agencies around the country.


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