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Why Now is Actually the Perfect Time to Give SaaS Users Ad Hoc Reporting

It might be time to consider how much stickiness and utility self-service (ad hoc) BI could bring to your SaaS product, especially if your company is being inundated with customer reporting requests.  This year’s market has been especially volatile, and ad hoc reporting can help SaaS providers protect their bottom lines by increasing customer retention…

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ad hoc reporting analyst

How the Right BI Tool Turned an Exterminator into One of his Company’s Most Valuable Assets

Meet Forrest Gordon. In 2015, he was working as an exterminator for a mid-sized pest management company. Today, he’s a leading BI Analyst for Anticimex, one of the largest pest control companies in the world, and responsible for training other BI analysts across the Northeastern US. With little more than an associate’s degree in Engineering,…

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BI training session

How to Better Educate Your Staff About Business Intelligence

Self-service analytics garners praise as a hallmark of modern business intelligence (BI), but some still consider it to be a contradiction in terms. How can something as intricate as BI be self-service? Aren’t there whole college degree programs dedicated to the topic? There are, and I think the reason people find the idea of self-service BI confusing…

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automatic data models

Data Models That Build Themselves

Self-service BI is about bridging the knowledge gap that has historically separated business professionals from their data. It’s about doing away with intimate knowledge of information systems as a prerequisite for finding out last quarter’s growth margin. And when it comes to replacing SQL statements with friendly drag-and-drop graphical elements, the majority of BI solutions…

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What Is Ad Hoc Reporting?

Ad hoc means “for this” in Latin and refers to something done for a specific purpose. Ad hoc reporting, then, is the process of creating reports for a specific occasion (as opposed to for general use). In business intelligence, ad hoc reporting supplements regular reporting by enabling end users to either duplicate and edit premade […]

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