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Ad Hoc Reporting User Training Session

Training BI Users

Data Talks, Episode 22 Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, Anticimex Data Integrity Analyst Forrest Gordon offers insight into training self-service BI users of various abilities and backgrounds. As an expert in pest management solution PestPac and its whitelabel implementation of Exago BI, Gordon is responsible for…

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BI training session

How to Better Educate Your Staff About Business Intelligence

Self-service analytics garners praise as a hallmark of modern business intelligence (BI), but some still consider it to be a contradiction in terms. How can something as intricate as BI be self-service? Aren’t there whole college degree programs dedicated to the topic? There are, and I think the reason people find the idea of self-service BI confusing…

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7 Key Differences Between Exago BI and Spreadsheets

The key to user adoption is making your application as simple as possible for your end users. That’s a challenge when your offering is packed with powerful features that your users have never seen before. The trick is giving them a familiar point of entry. For Exago BI, that comfort zone is spreadsheets. More likely…

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