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Exago BI frequently asked questions FAQs

Top 20 Exago BI FAQs

You asked, we answered. Here are the top 20 most frequently asked questions about Exago BI!  Reports 1. Will my users be able to build their own reports? Absolutely! Exago’s reporting tools are designed so non-technical end users can build their own reports without relying on IT staff. The drag-and-drop ExpressView interface takes the intimidation…

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Translation illustration - square

Vertical Tables: An Alternative Approach to Localization

We love a good challenge as much as you do (try doing something easy every day and let us know how quickly you get bored), which is why we love working in software. Finding creative solutions to new obstacles is just part of the day-to-day. We can try our hardest to anticipate all of our…

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Five Shades of White Labeling

Five Shades of White Labeling

Any time an embedded BI vendor claims to be white label, it behooves us to ask to what extent. White label, like embedded (which we unpack in this infographic), is one of those industry terms that means different things to different people. By definition, it’s the process of stripping away all of the manufacturer’s branding […]

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