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The Business of SaaS
BI Dashboard Requirements

24 Essential BI Dashboard Requirements

If you’ve ever shopped for software before, you know that after about three product demos, the details start to bleed together. Keeping track of one product’s features is hard enough; keeping track of multiple usually results in your brain abandoning you to whatever notes and/or vague feelings you managed to cultivate over the course of […]

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Exago 2018.2 release - strip

Exago Releases Version 2018.2 of Exago BI

On November 16th, Exago Inc. released version 2018.2 of their award-winning enterprise business intelligence solution, Exago BI. With its long list of enhancements geared toward expanding accessibility and complexity of reporting while emphasizing ease of use, power and casual users alike will benefit from this update. Major enhancements include Filter by Formula, native support for…

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Data Consumers vs. Data Explorers

Data Consumers vs. Data Explorers

Understanding the BI User Breakdown Self-service BI promises to empower business users to answer their own data-related questions without help from IT, but any individual solution’s ability to deliver on that promise depends on its accessibility to different classes of users. In order to evaluate a solution’s usability, it’s important to have a realistic understanding […]

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