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Data quality issue logging

18 Data Quality Issue Attributes You Should Be Logging

If you’ve already started or are planning to start a data governance program to support your data quality improvement goals, you need a structured way of tracking your data quality issues and their status. There are different ways of doing this, of course, with either the help of dedicated data quality tools, incident management and ticketing…

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The Emergence of the Chief Data Officer

Above: Popularity of “Chief Data Officer” searches (blue) compared to “Chief Technology Officer” searches (red) and “Chief Information Officer” searches (yellow) from Jan 2004 through present according to Google Trends. The period with the most searches is given a y value of 100, and all other periods are charted in comparison to that peak. What […]

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Most Technology Projects Fail. What is Your Data Management Plan?

The failure rate for technology projects continues to be over 50%, and some estimate it’s even higher. While that statistic may or may not surprise you, what will surprise you is how much data management strategy (or lack thereof) contributes to that failure rate, directly or indirectly. People blame what they can see, and because […]

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