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Reporting to Investors for SaaS

Data Talks, Episode 17

Jul 30, 2019

Nicole Hitner

Data Talks is Exago's podcast on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, we are rejoined by CloudKPI co-founder CEO Maeve Kneafsey for a discussion on reporting to investors for SaaS companies. Knowing which metrics to include at which stages of growth can be a challenge, as can getting at the stories behind those metrics. Kneafsey shares her expertise on the subject and explains how machine learning and predictive algorithms are helping SaaS providers surmount these reporting challenges.




Segment 1: Reporting to Investors

(2:00) Pre-investing practices: getting investors interested.

(5:40) Targeting the right investors.

(7:26) Reporting frequency and format.

(9:40) How investor reporting evolves over time.

(14:00) Cohorts and granularity.

(18:00) AI and machine learning.

(25:00) Consolidated metrics.

(32:10) Finding metrics for qualitative markers.

(34:00) Going to investors with unusual or surprising data stories.

(36:30) Where to find what metrics to include on investor reports.

Segment 2: What We Are Nerding Out About

(42:40) Maeve: WordPress plugin If>So!

(44:30) Nicole: Crisis Text Line’s triage algorithm!

(46.00) Alex: a decentralized or distributed internet (dweb)!

Featured Guest

Maeve KneafseyMaeve Kneafsey is a serial entrepreneur hailing from Dublin, Ireland and co-founder of predictive analytics solution CloudKPI (USA and Ireland), which is her fourth successful startup. Maeve’s an international speaker on SaaS metrics and digital marketing strategy. She can be found on LinkedIn.


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