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Schedulers, and Why We Built Ours From Scratch

We didn’t have to, you know. A scheduler service just performs automated tasks in the background, and most operating systems come with one built right in. You can tell Microsoft’s Task Scheduler to run a report and email the output to CMO Bob on Monday mornings at 10 AM, and it will quietly go about […]

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Five Ways Investing in Great Support Makes Cents

The only thing more infuriating than no internet is some internet. You know what I’m talking about. You’re at a public place—maybe an airport or a coffee shop, or an airport coffee shop—and you connect to the network, but it kicks you off the moment you try to open an email. There’s disappointment, followed quickly […]

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Mining for Metadata Gold

Datafloq’s recent missive on metadata couldn’t be more on the money—literally. According to author David Frankel, any enterprise whose software or technology generates non-identifying information (data that doesn’t convey a user’s identity) could transform that data into its own revenue stream. This application of the data, however, is not to be confused with using it […]

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The Four Types of Data Analytics

Determining Your Information Needs If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already discovered that general terms like “business intelligence” and “data analytics” mean different things in different contexts. If you’re on a quest for the right BI platform, the only way to hack through the impeding Forest of Jargon is with a Machete […]

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In Defense of the iFrame

Like Comic Sans, the iframe is one of those things we just know we’re supposed to hate, even if we’re not sure why. We get swept up in a collective prejudice so old we don’t think to question it. If you Google “iframes are good” (go ahead, I’ll wait), the top titles returned are things […]

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The Myth of Consensus in the Search for BI

Hunting for an embedded business intelligence solution boils down to protracted diagnosis: you outline your needs, determine what needs the proposed solution can meet, and repeat the process as many times as it takes to find a perfect match. Your SaaS application is the lock, and now all you and your product team have to […]

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How to Take the Scary Out of BI and Improve End User Adoption

The good news is that user adoption of embedded BI is on the rise. The bad news is that it still has a long way to go. According to Howard Dresner of Dresner Advisory Services, “User adoption or penetration (meaning the number of BI users as a percentage of the overall population of an organization) […]

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Applying Applied Math

<!– –> Since 1999, April has been recognized as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, a period of observance dedicated to “increas[ing] the visibility of mathematics as a field of study and [communicating] the power and intrigue in mathematics to a larger audience.” You might not have thought math in need of wider appreciation, but according […]

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In Defense of the Pie Chart

Perhaps you didn’t think the humble pie chart needed defending. Perhaps you remember it fondly as the tool that taught you fractions back in elementary school, helped you segment hours into minutes, dollars into cents. Esteemed though it may be in curricula and conference rooms, the pie chart has been under fire by data scholars […]

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Exago BI Receives Strategic Investment to support next phase of growth

Exago today announced an investment from veteran entrepreneurial software executive, Oni Chukwu, made through his investment vehicle, Frontiers Acquisitions, LLC. The funding will accelerate Exago’s growth and significantly boost its share of the business intelligence software market. In conjunction with the investment, Oni has joined the Exago Board of Directors, bringing deep expertise in growing […]

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