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Exago’s Growth, in Fireworks and Lasers

Nov 20, 2018

Mike Brody

In the wake of last week's release of v2018.2, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate how far Exago BI has evolved since its inception. To celebrate all the incredible work this team has put in over the years, we've run Gource against our project repository, generating this animation of our developers' commits to branches and directories. If you look closely, there are people icons representing individual developers flying around the diagram making changes in the form of laser-like streams of light. (Keep an eye out for the explosive growth in 2016!)

We're getting on toward the end of the year and setting our sights on 2019. I'm so proud of the progress we've made and continue to make, not just in the product but in how we handle client relationships, how we innovate, and how we communicate internally. This is an exceptional team of people, and we're just getting started.



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Looking forward to another year.

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