Each month in “From the Mailbag,” we give clear, straightforward answers to commonly asked questions about Exago BI. This month, the topic is our support process.

Q: How do I get in touch with Exago Support?

A: Exago Support uses a helpdesk ticketing system called Zendesk, which is accessible through the Support Center, also known as the Knowledge Base. For logistical help in submitting a ticket, read our instructional guides.

Each company licensed to Exago is entitled to five (5) Support Center accounts. These accounts are supervised by an individual the company nominates as its Support Manager. Users without a Support Center account may either request that an account holder submit a ticket on their behalf, or they may contact their company’s Support Manager about having an account created for them. Support Center account holders not only have the ability to create support tickets, they also have access to the Knowledge Base Downloads page, where they can acquire application guides, updating guides, and release notes. Account holders with download access may also obtain product downloads (new releases, builds, and add-ons) from the Downloads page.


Q: What kinds of concerns does Exago Support handle?

A: There are three types of Support Center tickets: Question Tickets, Issue Tickets, and Enhancement Tickets. Question Tickets are designed to handle simple procedural queries. Issue Tickets are designed to address potential problems with the application software by prompting the user to supply helpful diagnostic information. Enhancement tickets are used to track interest in new features.

Questions about on-site training and report-building services should be directed to Exago Services (services@exagoinc.com). If you have a question and don’t know whom to ask, contact your Customer Success Manager.


Q: How long does it take for Exago Support to answer tickets?

A: Tickets will receive an initial response within one (1) business day of submission. Tickets undergoing investigation will be updated no less frequently than once every three (3) business days. Conversely, if a ticket waiting on user communication is idle for three business days, the user will be reminded via email to address the ticket. If the ticket remains idle for an additional three business days, the user will be notified that the ticket is being closed due to inactivity.


Q: What if my support agent cannot solve the problem?

A: Exago Support is subdivided into three tiers. Tier 1 handles basic queries, enhancement requests, and low-level issue investigations. More complex tickets are passed to Tier 2, which investigates cases requiring more advanced product knowledge. Tier 3 analysts address the most technical tickets and work closely with Exago’s developers. In the rare event that Tier 3 cannot solve a case, they turn it over to Development entirely. This system helps ensure that a case always finds its way to the person best equipped to solve it.


Q: Can I request that my ticket be escalated to a higher tier?

A: All tier determinations are made internally, but you are welcome to notify your agent of changes to a ticket's severity or priority.


Q: Can I reopen a closed ticket?

A: If the ticket has been closed for less than a month, yes, you have the power to reopen it. After that one-month period has elapsed, you can issue a Follow Up ticket to continue the conversation.