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Exago Releases Version 2017.2 of Exago BI

Dec 15, 2017

On November 14th, Exago Inc. released version 2017.2 of their acclaimed business intelligence suite Exago BI. An overhauled dashboard designer is the centerpiece of the new feature list. Product Manager Natalie Nick touted the release as “providing game-changing features that push Exago BI strides ahead in usability and seamless integration. We introduce a flexible JavaScript API, an industry leading dashboard designer, and a novel approach to formula building that removes the intimidation of calculations for nontechnical end users.”

Dashboards have undergone a facelift for easier usage and increased accessibility. A dashboard can scale and reorganize its contents to fit the screen of any size device. Filters are consolidated into a collapsible easy-access pane, visualizations can swap between tabular or chart views, and reports can zoom in or out for ease of inspection.

Formula creation gained dramatic ease of use enhancements inspired by code completion tools in popular programming IDEs. Typing into the editor will present a list of possible matches for functions, data fields, and the contents of other report cells, selectable via mouse click, tap, or the arrow and enter keys. Entering a function presents a concise explanation of its arguments and usage. Users can then type to fill the arguments or drag data fields and nested functions into place.

Formula type to search

The third highlight of this version is a JavaScript API, which allows for deeper embedding of Exago BI program components into host web applications and obviates the need for iframes. The JavaScript API promises developers significant performance boons for applications which utilize multiple reports or designers side by side on a single page.

Additional features include more chart types—Zoom/Scroll Line and Scatter, Statistical Process Control charts—data- and formula-based chart constant lines, and advanced joining capabilities.

Zoom line chart

Veteran entrepreneurs Mike Brody and Stew Meyers launched Exago Inc. eleven years ago with the intention of developing a better embedded and ad-hoc reporting solution for software companies. Exago BI has since blossomed into a full-fledged enterprise reporting suite with a multitude of report types, dashboards, visualizations, and exceptional flexibility and extensibility.

Exago BI is one of the best reviewed embedded BI products, according to G2 Crowd. Exago scores high marks for ease of use, customer satisfaction, and post-sale services and support. Solutions Review named Exago an “embedded analytics vendor to watch this year.”

Exago Inc. is headquartered in Shelton, CT, and has offices in Connecticut and New York.

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