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G2 Crowd Awards Best Software Companies

Exago named “Best Enterprise Relationship” in Embedded BI on G2 Crowd

Shelton, CT – The Spring 2019 G2 Crowd awards for Best Software Companies were announced this week, with Exago Inc. ranked #1 in “Best Enterprise Relationship in Embedded BI.” The “Best Relationship” award is comprised of combined scores for “Quality of Support,” “Easiest to Do Business With,” and “Likely to…

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7 Key Differences Between Exago BI and Spreadsheets

The key to user adoption is making your application as simple as possible for your end users. That’s a challenge when your offering is packed with powerful features that your users have never seen before. The trick is giving them a familiar point of entry. For Exago BI, that comfort…

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Build self updating reports

How to Build Automated Reports

A Guide to Self-Delivering, Self-Updating Reports and Dashboards There’s no denying humans have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be. The question is why we continue to do so in an age when there is usually a way to make any task easier—or nonexistent. I…

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Vertical Tables: An Alternative Approach to Localization

We love a good challenge as much as you do (try doing something easy every day and let us know how quickly you get bored), which is why we love working in software. Finding creative solutions to new obstacles is just part of the day-to-day. We can try our hardest…

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Exago Using Exago BI

At Exago, we like to “drink our own champagne” by using Exago BI for all our internal reporting needs. For us, that means being able to connect to JIRA, Zendesk, and Salesforce data, as well as combining data from those sources on one report or dashboard. We use Exago BI’s…

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On Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion in Design

An Interview with Exago BI Product Designer Duke Kisch So today, September 25th, is World Interaction Design Day, an event launched by Adobe in partnership with the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). You are Exago’s UI designer, but you also have responsibilities that bleed into UX and IxD (interaction design). For…

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5 Steps to Seamless Embedded BI Integration

As a BI consultant, part of what I do is guide new clients as they integrate Exago BI into their applications in preparation for deployment. Since they’ve already been through a trial integration using one of our sandbox applications at that point, clients know what steps are involved. Still, nine…

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Modifying Mono

My Adventures in Open Source As a senior developer at Exago, my work usually consists of developing innovative enhancements, collaborating with various team members, addressing issues in the product, and assisting on support calls, in addition to a number of other tasks that seem to compound daily. One of the…

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This is SaaS-Friendly Pricing

Six years ago, we made a change that got prospective clients as excited about Exago BI’s price tag as they were about the product itself. We knew we’d done something right. Back in 2012, most embedded BI providers charged according to client size, which they measured in annual revenue, number…

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Exago Announces its Release of v2018.1

On June 1st, Exago Inc. released version 2018.1 of its top-rated business intelligence suite, Exago BI. This release brings a number of power features to the end-user interface, as well as updates to the UI and improvements to performance and responsiveness. In a previous version, Exago Inc. introduced the ExpressView reporting concept: Quick-to-create data visualizations...

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