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Data quality issue logging

18 Data Quality Issue Attributes You Should Be Logging

If you’ve already started or are planning to start a data governance program to support your data quality improvement goals, you need a structured way of tracking your data quality issues and their status. There are different ways of doing this, of course, with either the help of dedicated data quality…

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How to Not Get Overrun by Your Data Overrides

Large-scale enterprises rely heavily on market and consumer data sourced from outside vendors, but that information comes at a cost. In addition to intermittent issues with the data quality itself, consumers of vendor data can face timeliness problems, non-standard formats, coverage gaps, and lags in technical support. Despite these and other…

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The Hard Thing About Hiring Software Engineers

Finding the best developer talent means treating the hiring process like a marketing funnel and a process that can be patched.

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5 Signs Your SaaS Application Needs Embedded BI

If you’re a SaaS provider, your end users are guaranteed to be great at three things: generating data, being curious about their data, and complaining loudly when they need help accessing their data. If up until now you’ve quelled the masses using a hodgepodge of spreadsheets, hard-coded reports, and duct tape, allow me to confirm...

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Optimizing Testing Automations

Strategies for Reducing Inconsistencies Around Asynchronous Calls Running an automation suite can be an extremely rewarding practice for any software QA team. There is a reassuring certainty in knowing that multiple specific use cases are guaranteed to work come release time, but it can be challenging to take time out…

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On Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion in Design

An Interview with Exago BI Product Designer Duke Kisch So today, September 25th, is World Interaction Design Day, an event launched by Adobe in partnership with the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). You are Exago’s UI designer, but you also have responsibilities that bleed into UX and IxD (interaction design). For…

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Modifying Mono

My Adventures in Open Source As a senior developer at Exago, my work usually consists of developing innovative enhancements, collaborating with various team members, addressing issues in the product, and assisting on support calls, in addition to a number of other tasks that seem to compound daily. One of the…

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Data Talks With Exago

Bitemporal Data

Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, we talk to Christopher Fabri and Exago senior software engineer Richard Mohrmann, both formerly of Merrill Lynch, about bitemporal data modelling—what it is, why it’s such a valuable recordkeeping method, and why we don’t see more of it at the...

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How to Get Sloths Out of Your Steiner Tree

Back in school, a professor put on a demonstration that has stuck with me over the years. He put two computers side by side: one a 12-year-old brick of a laptop and the other a brand new MacBook. Both were tasked with the same set of sorting problems. With the smaller problems, the race was...

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Tracking Automated Testing Coverage

Tracking Automated Testing Coverage

So you’ve made the leap to automated testing. You saw the writing on the wall and realized QA would soon be physically incapable of testing 100% of the product manually, so you initiated a test-writing spree, and now you want to know how those automated tests have impacted your product quality. This is where things...

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