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IT Bottleneck Traffic Sign

BI Roadblock #2: IT Bottlenecks

One of the most common impediments to healthy data practice is the IT bottleneck, a workflow dysfunction in which a SaaS provider’s technical staff become overburdened with customer reporting requests. IT bottlenecks typically occur when SaaS vendors fail to provide their users with adequate reporting tools and training, leaving customers no choice but to request…

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Ad Hoc Reporting User Training Session

Training BI Users

Data Talks, Episode 22 Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, Anticimex Data Integrity Analyst Forrest Gordon offers insight into training self-service BI users of various abilities and backgrounds. As an expert in pest management solution PestPac and its whitelabel implementation of Exago BI, Gordon is responsible for…

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Ad hoc business intelligence advantage

Why Now is Actually the Perfect Time to Give SaaS Users Ad Hoc Reporting

It might be time to consider how much stickiness and utility self-service (ad hoc) BI could bring to your SaaS product, especially if your company is being inundated with customer reporting requests.  This year’s market has been especially volatile, and ad hoc reporting can help SaaS providers protect their bottom lines by increasing customer retention…

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ad hoc reporting analyst

How the Right BI Tool Turned an Exterminator into One of his Company’s Most Valuable Assets

Meet Forrest Gordon. In 2015, he was working as an exterminator for a mid-sized pest management company. Today, he’s a leading BI Analyst for Anticimex, one of the largest pest control companies in the world, and responsible for training other BI analysts across the Northeastern US. With little more than an associate’s degree in Engineering,…

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data silos

BI Roadblock #1: Data Silos

A data silo is an information repository that is either isolated from stakeholders, other repositories, or both. Though they’re easy to spot and generally known to be problematic, they’re also one of the most common barriers to good data practice.  This is in part because young silos are typically limited in size and scope. It’s…

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BI Dashboard Requirements

24 Essential BI Dashboard Requirements

If you’ve ever shopped for software before, you know that after about three product demos, the details start to bleed together. Keeping track of one product’s features is hard enough; keeping track of multiple usually results in your brain abandoning you to whatever notes and/or vague feelings you managed to cultivate over the course of […]

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UX Files Logo

UX Files: The Case of the “Add Tile” Button

UX Designer Bailey Costello explains how the Exago BI product team chose names for the visualization builder’s independent and dependent variables.

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types of ad hoc reporting tools

Types of Ad Hoc Reporting Tools

Embedded analytics and reporting features have become table stakes for software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. More and more software end users expect their SaaS applications not only to house and organize their data, but also to make it available for exploration and analysis.  SaaS vendors confronted with this demand, however, find themselves in a bit of a…

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Exago BI frequently asked questions FAQs

Top 20 Exago BI FAQs

You asked, we answered. Here are the top 20 most frequently asked questions about Exago BI!  Reports 1. Will my users be able to build their own reports? Absolutely! Exago’s reporting tools are designed so non-technical end users can build their own reports without relying on IT staff. The drag-and-drop ExpressView interface takes the intimidation…

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Dashboards vs Reports (And When to Use Which)

Business intelligence is all about the creation of reports and dashboards; but for those new to BI, it can sometimes be hard to tell how they differ in construction and purpose. If it has tables, is it a report? If it fits all on one page, is it a dashboard? Which is better for reporting…

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