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19 Free Public Data Sets

This article was first published by Springboard. Good public data is a lot like spare change: plentiful, and yet somehow impossible to find when you need it. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of free, reputable, publicly available data sets. Software-as-a-service providers can use public data for all kinds of purposes, including but not limited…

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5 Questions Data-Literate People Ask About Statistical Reports

The modern workplace has become very data-driven, with a focus on creating rich statistical reports to empower businesses. The people creating these reports are savvy with their numbers and understand how powerful a statistic can be at not only telling a story about data, but also at potentially swaying people’s opinions. The onus is on us…

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Honest Data Visualizations and Why They Matter

In the new post-truth era, consumers are becoming savvier than ever, demanding transparency and accuracy, but data visualizations can easily be manipulated to lead people on. This might help a company or a person’s case in the short term but elicit negative long-term consequences. Here are three common ways data visualizations can be misleading along […]

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