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Learn about building reports and dashboards and a host of other user facing product features.


Chart Aesthetics

05/02/2016 •

Exago BI gives you the flexibility to completely customize the look of your charts. You can change chart cosmetics like background color, line thickness, labels, fonts and more. 


Understanding Filter Prompts

05/18/2016 •

At run time of your report give your user more filter control


Quickly Create a Chained Report

05/18/2016 •

Chained reports is a single document that is comprised of multiple existing reports


BI Dashboards

04/07/2016 •

Go from a blank canvas to a fully interactive dashboard in minutes using the Exago BI Dashboard Designer. This simple, drag-and-drop interface gives non-technical business users complete control over dashboard creation.


Localization - Multi-language

04/06/2016 •

From multilanguage translations to server time zone offsets, discover the many ways that Exago BI helps you accommodate users across the world 


Conditional Formatting

03/14/2016 •

Make your data tell you exactly what you need to know by using dynamic, data-driven formatting in your reports


Pixel Perfect Forms

02/29/2016 •

Quickly learn how to merge data onto Pixel Perfect Forms


Creating a Dashboard

05/18/2016 • 29:21

Create dashboards by adding reports, text, images and web pages to a dashboard


Exploring the Scheduler

05/18/2016 • 10:37

A scheduled report can be run and emailed immediately or scheduled to be emailed on a recurring basis


Creating Interactive HTML Filters

05/18/2016 • 2:10

After running a report to HTML you can make further modifications such as adjusting styles, resizing columns, applying filters, conditional formatting and more


Data Visualization

10/30/2015 • 1:33


Visualizations Video

10/27/2015 • 1:24


Formatting Reports with Exago Themes

10/27/2015 • 1:15


Interactive HTML

10/27/2015 • 1:43


Pixel Perfect Forms

11/12/2015 • 1:33


Exago Dashboard Designer for End Users

11/27/2015 • 2:04


Drill Downs

11/12/2015 • 0:56


Repeating Groups

09/25/2017 •


Advanced Crosstab Functionality

07/20/2016 •


Create Chained Reports

09/25/2017 •


Manage Widows in a Report

07/20/2016 •


Advanced Filters

07/20/2016 •


Server Events

07/20/2016 •


Sharing Reports

07/20/2016 •


Add Nested Filters

07/20/2016 •


Creating a Document Template

07/20/2016 • 5:13

This will show you how to merge data onto highly formatted document to create forms or invoices


Creating Drilldowns

07/20/2016 • 3:40

Learn how to link an unlimited number of charts or reports together



07/20/2016 • 4:46

Learn how to easily create a hyperlink to an external website


Charts-Single vs. Multi Series

07/20/2016 • 19:04

This is a detailed description on how to create and add charts to reports, single and multi series charts


Advanced Conditional Formatting

07/20/2016 • 5:25

The Conditional Formatting tab allows you to set or modify the format of a cell based on formula you create


Grouping by Formula

10/26/2015 • 12:20

This step by step video will show you how to group data using group header and group footers


Schedule A Report

07/16/2015 • 0:23


Create Charts

07/16/2015 • 1:16


Execute a report on start up

07/16/2015 • 0:20


Conditional Formatting

07/16/2015 • 0:55


Use Filters to Specify Data

07/15/2015 • 1:07


Drag and Drop Visualization Tool

07/15/2015 • 1:08


Create Interactive HTML Filters

07/15/2015 • 1:02


Suppress Duplicate Values in Reports

07/13/2015 • 0:26


Pixel Perfect Template

07/13/2015 • 1:13


Create Custom Funtion-Month

07/13/2015 • 1:01


Concatenate String Function

07/13/2015 • 0:47


Calculate Grand Totals for Nested Groups

07/13/2015 • 1:17

Steps for Creating Repeating Groups

PDF document

Linked Reports

PDF document

Steps for Creating Report Using Gauges

PDF document


PDF document

Data Visualization Example

PDF document

Conditional Formatting Example

PDF document

Charts Wizard

PDF document

Chart Types

PDF document

Chained Reports

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