Exago Releases Version 2017.1

On May 15, 2017, Exago Inc. announced the official release of Exago BI version 2017.1. Exago BI is designed to integrate seamlessly into web-based applications to provide self-service ad hoc reporting and interactive dashboards to non-technical business users. The new version includes enhancements for both end users and host application administrators.

The most substantial changes introduced in this version concern ExpressView. Users may now create, view, and modify ExpressView visualizations and KPIs using drag-and-drop functionality as well as format ExpressView tabular reports.

Other exciting additions include a new metadata monitoring service that can be used to report off application usage data as well as report execution caching for enhanced performance in the running of canned reports.

Highlights of the new release include:

- Extensive updates to ExpressView including drag-and-drop visualizations, cell styling, data formatting, themes, the consolidation of multiple popup menus into a right pane interface

- User interface updates, including left pane redesign and sleeker export controls

- New application monitoring service to allow reporting off of machine resources, report executions, and user interface interaction

- Ability to cache report executions on a per-report basis to minimize database calls and provide more responsive execution of canned reports

Conditional chart point coloring based on a formula

- More page size options for exports

- New server events: OnScheduledReportComplete, OnReportFailValidation

- Ability to specify a new report’s data model using a SQL statement (API only)

- Ability to synchronously execute reports to binary formats and JSON through REST


Those with download privileges can acquire v2017.1 from our Knowledge Base.  

Authored by
Nicole Hitner
Content Strategist
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