Architected to adapt to your environment.

Exago is designed to be embedded in your application and tailored to meet your unique requirements.


100% web-based user interface

Client-side content is pure HTML and JavaScript so end users require only a web-browser for full functionality. No plug-ins required.

100% web-based administration console

A separate browser-based interface for administrators simplifies tasks like application set-up, customizing security and user experience, and controlling data access.

Application platform support

The Exago application and API can be accessed through REST, SOAP or .NET assembly and protocols can be mixed and matched across different applications for maximum flexibility.

Flexible user experience

Exago allows you to choose which elements of the system are employed for different users - you can execute reports directly, bring up the full Exago UI, or pick and choose which elements to display to each user - all within your application.

Data access

Directly access SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 and Informix. Pass data through Web Services or .NET assemblies. Access tables, views or your own custom, dynamic SQL statements.

Load balancing and remote execution

Decouple the presentation layer from the execution layer for on-demand or scheduled reports and load balance execution of reports across multiple servers or a farm.


User interface integration

All elements of the Exago UI can be modified through fully-exposed CSS so you can provide your users with a completely seamless experience. Text strings can be translated into any language with graceful handling of variable-length labels. Choose which styling, language and elements of the application will be displayed for each client and/or user.

Flexible security

Exago is designed as a single-sign-on through your application. Security can be easily setup by group or user at the database, data object, row or column level. User Roles can be configured in the Administration Console then selected and/or modified at run time.



Full access is provided to the Exago engine and session data before launch or throughout the report execution process so you can to link to your existing UI and pass filters and other information into the Exago system.

Server-side event handling

A dynamic server events model permits very fine-grained control over the data and environment. Any data related to runtime state can be inspected or modified. SQL can be changed on-the-fly and data can be modified after return from the database.

Custom data sources

Exago allows your existing security or business logic layers to be accessed through programmable data sources.

Custom functions

Provide your own custom functions for report designers to use in building formulas to calculate values. Hook into R or other processing engines.

Client-side API

Invoke actions, provide your own custom UI elements and access the Exago system through REST or SOAP.


Browser Support

Internet Explorer
iPad, iPhone and Android Mobile Support

Data Sources

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or above
PostgreSQL 7.1 or above
Oracle 9i or above
MySQL 5.0 or above
Web services
.NET Assembly Methods

Data Object Types

Database Tables
Database Views
Stored Procedures
Database Functions
Parameterized SQL Statements
.NET Assembly Methods
Web Services Methods


.NET API and
Web Service API
AJAX Enabled
No Active-X or any other plug-ins necessary

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"Exago eliminates the frustration of creating and editing ad hoc reports and makes these tasks completely self-service for non-technical users."

"The improvements you guys have made clearly separate you from all the BI vendors out there. Sageworks continues to view Exago as an integral part of our bank solutions."
Tim Keogh
Lead Developer, Sageworks
"Exago eliminates the frustration of creating and editing ad hoc reports and makes these tasks completely self-service for non-technical users."
Manash Sahoo
Chief Software Architect, Ntracts
"Integrating Exago BI with our subsidiary governance and entity management platform has significantly enhanced our offering and given us a competitive advantage."
Tom Racicot